• The colour of a city

    I was in Paris recently, a city whose colour is shining grey and aquamarine green. Every city ...

Learning to cook

While working evenings for the past several years, it turns out that I have essentially forgotten/not used my cooking muscles for quite some time. I have relied on my marvellous live-in chef to whip up some delicious meal, while I scribe, edit and muse over my laptop, or have a bath – or feed the […]

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  We women, we are strong. In the mind, body and our amazing skill of uniting. We find a power source and we use it. I don’t really like the male/female division, but increasingly, I have experienced the power of women united and I have loved it. We are amazing. It’s the bond, support, discussion […]

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Rozi Plain: Actually (from the album, Friend)

For sitting and swaying on the bed with your laptop and the cat by your side, or cooking with wooden spoons (TItK) sat on a wooden pub floor (upturned crate). Sometimes standing for a little dance, because why not. Stomping those feet. Rozi grew up in Winchester and popped to Bristol where she studied art […]

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