London is dreaming

Something wonderful is happening in King’s Cross right now. In the middle of London, in a half-finished construction zone, a freshwater pond has appeared. Londoners and visitors can come and swim in the pond, which is cleaned not by chemicals but by the plants living in the water. It’s a moment of nature in the […]

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Five links we love #1

“Perfection is a precarious state. It occupies a narrow peak, the very pinnacle of the mountain. By its very nature, perfection leaves no room for wildness or risk. Perfection is passive, it’s static, it verges on bland. It’s a circle. A cloudless sky. An unmarked page. It’s everything and it’s nothing, and it’s glorious, and […]

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Luxury camp: borrowing a bell tent

There was a time when the word camping was synonymous with super basic living. Just you and the canvas in the wilds. It was the explorers’ home, the scouts’ haven of mischief and knot tying and those long family holidays in France. Then pop-up tents came along and everything became much easier, suiting our disposable, […]

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