• Renovation on a budget

    by Katie White Two years ago my hubby and I bought a fairly dishevelled 1930s terrace house ...

10 positive things

by Lisa Murdoch 1. Treat yourself to a new hand cream to ward off dry skin over the cooler months. 2. Send post cards to friends and family to cheer up their day. 3. Start thinking about Christmas – only three months away (and that’s including December!). 4. Book a flu jab. 5. Enjoy your […]

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10 positive things

by Hels Go for a walk in the woods – the sunlight is soft and glows through the turning leaves in September Collect/buy yourself a posey of flowers Write your best friend a letter Go through a chest of drawers & donate what you no longer wear to charity – wear something you still love […]

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Still love

I wrote this an age ago over on Hels Writes… They decided that the mountains would be perfect. They rode horses along the dust before they got near to the steam topped peaks. Lying on the blanket, they looked into the eye of the sky, then galloped up a storm; sandwiches in their rucksacks, homemade […]

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