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    The light is low, the blinds are down and there is just a slither of light from ...

spring walks

  by Lou Archell Oh spring, you do tease us with the promise of warmer days. The others seasons are marked with a definite change. Spring moves to summer with trees in full leaf, tall grasses and dandelions nod their heads on roadside banks. Autumn makes its appearance with berries adorning bushes and trees on […]

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I’ll just say it again

Print, print, print. Print! Long-live print. The internet is an incredible invention, but sitting by my computer for too long gives me backache and staring at my iPad makes my eyes goes squiggly. Not to mention my iPhone, which I am annoyingly attached to and makes me squint and my attention span reduce to zero. […]

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Not sure what is happening with this lighting, but it must be incredible for a baby – a lamp haven complete with lots of shadows and stories. Ooh and ahhh. Makes me think of Peter Pan for some reason. Baby Alba is going to have some top notch lighting in her room. Lamp combining an industrial structure with […]

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