*Stream of consciousness from an island*

*Stream of consciousness from an island* I just finished reading The Goldfinch, and as seems to always happen to me, I have no one to discuss the book with. It’s sort of good, because then I can consider the pages on my own. Have them ruminating a while. I found the book to be a […]

April 6, 2015BooksContinue Reading

Goodbye 2014, hello new year

And so one year has passed. Again, as they always do; quick as a flash – punctuated with those very long afternoons with the sunlight low and the feeling of being neither here nor there. The lost times and those that are vivid and bright in our minds. This past year has been one of […]

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Knit, knit – with all your might

Let’s just appreciate the craft, here. Knitting is a tricky business and those who were taught how to knit and continue to do so, persevreing through missed stitches and mathematical equations masking themselves as patterns, that’s something special that will stay with you, as you knit throughout your life for those around you. I was […]

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