Five links we love #3

“San Francisco is a single room in the front of an apartment where bay windows overlook the steep slope of the second-to-last block of Green Street. It’s a room where a boy seven years older than I am hasn’t finished moving in yet – or so he claimed, and I believed him then. It’s a […]

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Sundays in a hotel lobby

My best friend K and I used to go to cafes around noon on Sundays, but it wasn’t really working. I mean, the company was fine – excellent, even. But is there anything worse than meeting someone around lunchtime in a place that doesn’t serve food? Cafes have cake stuff of course, but a muffin […]

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Five links we love #2

“Flying is a very old dream of our species, and when we look out at a 747 waiting to take us halfway across the world, we’re looking at a dream come true. It maybe doesn’t feel like that because we do it so often now, but planes are literally a dream that’s come true.” *** […]

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