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This show is for you

In the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Art, right in the middle of Piccadilly, the city is a forest. Conrad Shawcross’ steel sculpture is supposed to be clouds, hanging heavy over our heads as we walk underneath them, but what if they were trees instead? After all, there are no clouds over the Royal […]

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Knit, knit – with all your might

Let’s just appreciate the craft, here. Knitting is a tricky business and those who were taught how to knit and continue to do so, persevreing through missed stitches and mathematical equations masking themselves as patterns, that’s something special that will stay with you, as you knit throughout your life for those around you. I was […]

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Interview with Belle & Boo’s creator

Interview with Belle and Boo’s creator, Mandy Sutcliffe Interview by Helen Martin originally published in issue five of Lionheart Magazine  What does ‘Home’ mean to you? This is very topical at the moment as we recently moved in to our new family home. We spent a long time looking and losing out on different properties, but […]

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Some Saatchi

The light is low, the blinds are down and there is just a slither of light from an outside street lamp, filtering through the broken part of the blind. I’m sitting on a chair with a very thick cushion behind my back in an attempt to alleviate the knot running up and down and around […]

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How to make: pom poms

I spent the other evening crafting little pom poms for the Alba’s corner. Cute and easy to make, I thought I would show you how. Perfect for Christmas wrapping & decorations! You will need: Thick/medium wool (thinner also works if you want something a little more spindly and delicate) Scissors 1. Hold your hand out […]

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animal pride

Many fox howling moons ago, Lionheart was born (2011). The magazine shot off with an icing topped party, complete with reels of fabric, gin and tonics, a little market, demonstrations and a feast – all housed within an enormous ceilinged building. One of the market stall holders was Little Birdy. Her crafts are incredibly delicately […]

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Interview: Louise Riley

Louise Riley: Slowly slowly Interview by Freya Hardy I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Louise Riley. I doubt I’m alone in that. Louise Riley is just the type of person people remember. It was 2003 and she was black and red like a blood ant – thick framed horn- rimmed glasses […]

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nordic & retro furniture restorers

An introduction… We are Leanne Bain-Mackay and Pip Leyland, Bramall and Smith. Bristol based furniture restorers and designers. We source and restore nordic and retro furniture and accessories alongside designing our own range of products inspired by everything that we love! What inspired your business? After countless evenings sharing our lastest projects and passions over […]

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Art in Helsinki

Please introduce yourself – name, occupation and location? Hello, my name’s Stephanie and I’m an illustrating-designer-maker. I’m originally from the Cotswolds, UK but am currently dwelling near Helsinki in Finland. Could you describe your work? I try not to be led by fashion, but by what I’d like to have on my wall or wear […]

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Lichtenstein at the Tate

On Saturday I had the pleasure of going to the Lichtenstein Exhibition at the Tate – half price thanks to my Art Fund pass. This is the first full-scale retrospective in over 20 years, bringing together 125 of Lichtenstein’s paintings. I think everyone can recognise a Roy Lichtenstein (1923 – 1997) painting, generally full to […]

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