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Five things we love

I don’t know what it is, but I have been drawn to pastel pinks, deep and light blues and rich purples recently. Also: GOLD! (If you have ordered a copy of Lionheart recently, you will see they now arrive in gold envelopes!). The combination can be seen in design, interiors, nature… issue six… Love it! […]

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People watching

Image by Thomas Saliot “There is a community of the spirit. Join it, and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street and being the noise. Drink all your passion, and be a disgrace. Close both eyes to see with the other eye” Rumi

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the making

Interviewing Lianne of The Pippa & Ike Show, at her fabulous home in Bristol (top pic feat. Pippa and Alba) images by Ana Parker As I sit here, the morning of Lionheart five’s delivery, with a steaming coffee and the sunshine filling our little flat, I am filled with absolute happiness, anxiety and terror. If […]

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I’ll just say it again

Print, print, print. Print! Long-live print. The internet is an incredible invention, but sitting by my computer for too long gives me backache and staring at my iPad makes my eyes goes squiggly. Not to mention my iPhone, which I am annoyingly attached to and makes me squint and my attention span reduce to zero. […]

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  Lionheart Magazine is proudly independent – run by me at home in my flat and designed by Dan in a shed and Holly at her South London desk. We love creating this magazine and put our roaring hearts on to each page. It’s all about the passion for print, creative freedom and independence – […]

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bloomin’ blackberries

The collected berries yesterday Now is the perfect time to get out and about and blackberry picking. These succulent berries can be found in hedgerows around the country, little bubbles of juice clustered together just waiting to be discovered. You can make all sorts of goodness from blackberries – jam, cheesecake, liqueur and blackberry crumble. […]

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I’d invest in my quest

Inventive: New Techniques for a Beautiful Moustache, Japanese postcard, 1908 At the very beginning of this journey, I went to the bank. I wasn’t asking for a loan, but I needed a business account and all the other related financial bits and bobs that came with owning your own business. As I do now, I […]

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Wildlife at home

Gaby Staniszewska has just moved to the suburbs. She’s decided to fully embrace nature and the good life by taking up plenty of gardening and looking after the wildlife that enters her garden.  We are making a huge effort to support the wildlife in our garden. It was pretty much wild when we first arrived, so […]

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  Berlin wir lieben dich – Words and photography by Sarah Ashworth  Poor Berlin. Bombed and divided, conquered and crushed; the city has been through it all. It’s also risen from the ashes to become the capital of reinvention; modern, eclectic and brooding. There are few cities that have prompted such intrigue before touch-down. Six […]

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