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The Plant Whisperer

Words by Lou Archell Inspiration for the piece and images from The New York Times English artist & musician, Mileece Petre, has recently been called a plant whisperer. Living in Los Angeles, Mileece has created a plant lovers’ Oasis. But Mileece’s love of plants runs much deeper than the usual gardening, for she uses them […]

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watching or waiting?

I think someone added this title on Pinterest, but I like it. What’s happening here? The floor, not the chair. Two empty mugs. The stairs and the bright sunshine. A note by her side, cigarette packet on the chair, shutters three quarters of the way down across the way. A fanned pleated skirt, bare shoulders and […]

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Toast‘s Nourishment video Issue two featured a beekeeper’s story. Lara Dunn wrote about how her bees enhanced her life. It was an enriching article, delicately written with awe and respect for bees. They’re incredibly important striped jacketed creatures, after all. They demand respect!: ‘For me, there’s nothing to rival the scent and sound of a […]

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  Berlin wir lieben dich – Words and photography by Sarah Ashworth  Poor Berlin. Bombed and divided, conquered and crushed; the city has been through it all. It’s also risen from the ashes to become the capital of reinvention; modern, eclectic and brooding. There are few cities that have prompted such intrigue before touch-down. Six […]

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Sleep to Dream

I first met Samantha, quite randomly, in a university corridor back in 2008. I was making a film and needed a cameraman; she was, well Samantha, all enthusiasm and exuberance, with a passion for film-making and spontaneity. Talk about serendipity. By the end of the week we’d booked plane tickets and soon found ourselves running […]

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My own lion cub

Dear Lionhearted! I can only apologise for the infinite about of time it’s taken for me to update you on the goings on at Lionheart HQ. Let me first assure you that issue four is well underway. It’s full of brilliant things – of which I will reveal very soon. The magazine should be flying […]

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Lottie’s blog

You will see in issue three, a highly imaginative and heartfelt piece by Lottie Storey. I’ve been meaning to feature a little interview with Lottie for a while. With a number of other like-minded women, she started a modern WI, Malago; filled with inspiring talks by talented makers, thinkers and forward-thinking people – not to […]

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Cherry Healey discusses: Adventure

My biggest ADVENTURE   Words by Cherry Healey   I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some far flung places. I’ve done some things that would have made my mum faint. When I was younger I felt invincible and I cringe when I remember how close I came to catatrosphe on more than one occasion. […]

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