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Need and want

You know, you don’t need a lot. Just some love, a healthy dollop of fulfilment and a little place to lay our heads. Resist the urge to be ‘busy, busy’ all the time and take a moment. When you take one, you realise that all you need are the people, passion and that little sanctuary […]

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Spinning out of the Christmas and New Year bubble and onwards to 2014. Wishing you all the best, most interesting and wonderful things this year. May your horizons widen and your heart grow. Spin round the circle with your eyes open. Zvoosh! (image)

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watching or waiting?

I think someone added this title on Pinterest, but I like it. What’s happening here? The floor, not the chair. Two empty mugs. The stairs and the bright sunshine. A note by her side, cigarette packet on the chair, shutters three quarters of the way down across the way. A fanned pleated skirt, bare shoulders and […]

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Lionheart Magazine Cover

Here it is, the cover of Lionheart Magazine, issue four! The superb illustration is by the fabulous Faye West and encapsulates summer’s love, warmth and golden light. What do you think of this issue’s cover? I really hope you like it! I LOVE this issue and I think this cover is the perfect beginning to […]

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It ain’t what you do…

Words: Sarah Ashworth Wedding season is upon us again. Actually for me, it’s all over already; four down and it’s only just turned June. Phew.

 I’ve had my fair share of watching some genuinely lovely and sane best friends morph into unrecognisable bridezillas as they try to pin down every last detail of their perfect […]

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On the edge of 2012

Great shot of Sydney residents, tourists etc. basking in the evening sunlight before the EPIC firework display at midnight. I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas. As usual at this time, I have been making some small round ups, assessments and grateful appreciation speeches – to myself mostly (poor C) – on long […]

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Merry Christmas with love,

Here I am in NYC’s Central Park – the trip will be in issue four of Lionheart Magazine. Hoorah! As Christmas is essentially right upon us, get the glitter out, chuck it around and spread some cheer! I have been making hundreds (actual) of Nigella Lawson’s Rocky Roads, Charlie and I have hosted two faux […]

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Cherry Healey discusses: Adventure

My biggest ADVENTURE   Words by Cherry Healey   I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some far flung places. I’ve done some things that would have made my mum faint. When I was younger I felt invincible and I cringe when I remember how close I came to catatrosphe on more than one occasion. […]

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Lionheart Magazine 2 is here

Issue Two It’s neat, it’s sweet, it’s a cherry pie with bite. Lionheart Magazine issue two is out theme: Warmth Delve in, read about a million things, ponder, sit and consider a world from an image.  Born from imagination, a lion heart will always have an adventure, if nothing else. Roar!   Love Hels xo […]

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