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Rozi Plain: Actually (from the album, Friend)

For sitting and swaying on the bed with your laptop and the cat by your side, or cooking with wooden spoons (TItK) sat on a wooden pub floor (upturned crate). Sometimes standing for a little dance, because why not. Stomping those feet. Rozi grew up in Winchester and popped to Bristol where she studied art […]

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Holiday music – Maria Taylor

Recently we went on our first family holiday with Alba. Our previous one in this country had been to Cornwall in January when I had terrible morning/day long sickness and oddly, we had made the decision to take the cats to our mini cottage. Anyway, suffice to say, I spent the whole time standing by […]

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I Break Horses: Denial (new)

  If you have yourself a copy of issue one of Lionheart Magazine, you will know that Lionheart is a fan of I Break Horses. After a brilliant and very length chat on the phone over the land and seas to Maria Lindén, in Sweden, I compiled the interview you will discover in issue one. […]

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Cheese Melt

After a weekend spent with old friends, on Monday (Bank Hol’s) it was just myself and Charlie. Apparently pregnancy is exhausting, and after a packed week and weekend, all I could do was eat pancakes in a bright cafe and go for a walk. On said walk, we stumbled across Ghostpoet playing in Rise, Bristol. […]

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It’s a Christmas musical

pic Put the twigs down and throw those wellies off! Oooh, eeeh it’s Christmas! A time for having a jolly good knees up and not worrying about perfection, it’s about friends, fam and oversized Toblerone! ….And of course, let’s not forget the classic music. With this in mind, Gemma Peryer talks… Christmas music. So this […]

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First Aid Kit – Live Music Review

First Aid Kit, live show in Bristol That day I had been scouring the internet for a route to Stockholm. With a winter wardrobe paying homage to the Scandinavian patterned thick knit and a desperate desire to paint my walls white and drink coffee, while sitting upon a smart, angular yet curved edged table, I […]

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Martha Tilston, Bush Hall – November 8 2012

Words by Clementine Lloyd As Bush Hall’s ornate rooms play host to the family Tilston, Joe takes the stage before his sister to play a collection of his own songs. With a strong voice, witty repartee and stage presence, it is easy to see his punk roots shine through. Armed with an acoustic guitar and […]

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Beth Jeans Houghton – live music review

Words by Rosalind Jana, photos by Florence Fox In a new city, on a rainy night, there was something rather special about seeing singer Beth Jeans Houghton live. She was performing in the Deaf Institute – a cosy venue in central Manchester. It’s delightful: the downstairs full of red leather seats, clouded mirrors and lace […]

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Martha Tilston: Live Review

I couldn’t tell you why I don’t like the font, Helvetica. I just don’t. I also dislike the word ‘vat’, escalators, revolving doors and also, I need time alone in my life. Really alone. I love it, always have, always will (I imagine that would be said in a Texan accent- True Romance?). Ever since […]

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Tennis, Album Review – Young And Old

That place. You know it. The pretty one, where the hair is wild and the world is vibrant. Perfectly matched to that passionately beating heart. Young love, nostalgia, pondering minds, whatever it is, it’s as delicate as a bubble teetering on the edge of destruction. This haven of sorts, inhabiting mid-distance looks, lipgloss, swinging hips […]

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