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Features, features, features!

The trouble is that there is so much to write about. So many people, places and worlds to discuss, question and ponder on. Everywhere I go these days I see 1) Lions – they’re everywhere; doorknobs, statues, graffiti, biscuits. Everywhere. 2) Features. Yesterday, SATURDAY, my boyfriend and I got up early and ceased the day […]

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Where shall we go?

Pic Apparently, as well as sweeping generalisations, I like to place items, people and thoughts into decades and centuries. I’ve been told this many a time. I suppose I do. However, I think by placing something within a world of pre-considered sensations, adding new ones as time passes and libraries grow, makes for a place […]

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gems – Bryony Crane

All Illustrations by Bryony Crane Well, for me the last couple of weeks have been highly frustrating and slightly ridiculous. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly revolving around horrid old money. Or new money, to correct myself. However, what continues to astound me, and makes me very happy, is the utter generosity […]

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Fundraising we love you

Money is such a bore in many ways. But it’s true, it allows you to do many a thing. Like buy premium cat food, good cheeses and cashmere sweaters. It could also potentially allow for a magazine to be published, my magazine! The true fact is, I need to raise big load of cash if […]

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Grey Reverend

So much on my mind. It’s all going to be ok. I heard this song and it’s become the theme for Monday June 6. To me, it is very free, unashamed and from a solitary place. It’s as if the song is in your mind and the music is coming from you. This song has […]

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Lists + Dublin

I found out on Friday that I am going to Dublin this week. Very exciting, as I haven’t been there – but to connect a flight – ever before. This is a press trip holiday, my very first. My own holidays will be consisting of camping for a little while, I am assuming. Sleeping next […]

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This magazine will change your life.

This blog is to be a diary of sorts, on the journey of my new magazine. A dream, a love and an idea. Everyone in ‘the business’ has said in no uncertain terms, that I am crazy to do this, but I have belief. What’s more the support I have had has proved to me […]

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