Five links we love #4

Edward Quigley

Edward Quigley

“To land somewhere unfamiliar is to force yourself into alertness, to redraw whatever maps you have, to set the stage for creativity more than mere pattern-matching productivity. I sometimes think I love the gentle, kneeling left turn planes make after rising from the Kennedy runway more than I love New York itself.”
*** Air head, by Nathan Heller in the New Yorker.

“Our memory of Winona Ryder is muted youth, a soft face, a remote voice, a patient performance. Winona Ryder now is sharper, her face angular, her voice piercing, her approach aggressive. “Terrified,” is how Lui now describes the eyes that once made her famous.”
*** Winona, forever, by Soraya Roberts in Hazlitt.

“I had always imagined marriage as two people, in a boat, rowing; the trick is not to jump ship. Now I think of it also as two people, in a house on the plains, 45 minutes from the nearest grocery store.”
*** The trip that taught me what marriage can be, by Miranda Popkey in New York Magazine.

“What I want is a vacation from myself. I’ve tried exercise, meditation, sex, and food. I wait for the desire to plan a wedding or have a kid or buy a house and when those things don’t take hold or are plainly untenable, I get my aura read. I open a trillion tabs of internet and drink it in. I gorge on studies about magnets that make you think differently and begin researching the properties of crystals. I don’t think about any of it as self-help because that’s way too pathetic, certainly more than the itchy meh I feel.”
*** Eat pray roll, by Mary HK Choi in Matter.

“I would get a tattoo of this quote if I were still 19 and doing that type of thing. It summarized the 14 days that changed the rest of mine.”
*** How to forgo the five-day workweek, by Alexandra Piotrowski in Waiting For Saturday.


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