Hello, I bring news…

It was late, very late, one June evening in 2008 when I found myself in a members-only club playing poker with a gang of chefs and a case or two of beer. I’d not been working at the restaurant long so I was on my best behaviour, eager to nurture good relations with my new colleagues so turned to chat to the guy sitting next to me.

Several drinks later and I’d won him a fortune. Fast forward three years and I’d married him. He’s still a chef and I still enjoy a flirtation with the front of house but now I’m mainly working as a historian and writing the occasional bit here and there.

Somewhere along the way Hels and Charlie entered and became part of our world. Then Lionheart happened and it’s been fab to watch this little dream grow into such a roaring reality. But then, over what had been a wonderful dinner last week Hels presented me with a print-out: ‘Gem Gem, I know you’ll not be hugely thrilled but…’

So here we are. Hels has sauntered off somewhere to take some well deserved rest and reflection before the beast that is LH4 comes to fruition (yes I had a peep, yes it’s truly amazing) and here I am holding fort.

Hi, I’m Gemma. And I have news!

Hels and my chef hubby Matt have had their heads together plotting for a while and it’s finally happening: Print Press and Food Glory! Lionheart’s first food extravaganza to launch and celebrate the fabulous Issue 4.

It’s for one night only so get your paws (couldn’t resist) on tickets soon – it’s going to be amazing! (And I get to get my waitress on again – hoping I survive the next fortnight). Tickets and menu info over here. Yeah!

Nice to meet you lions,

Gem x



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