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Lionheart Magazine is proudly independent – run by me at home in my flat and designed by Dan in a shed and Holly at her South London desk. We love creating this magazine and put our roaring hearts on to each page. It’s all about the passion for print, creative freedom and independence – from corporate pressures, advertising and all that jazzamatazz. There’s no fake smiles here, it’s all from the heart.

What’s pretty excellent is that there are some other independent publications with the same line of thought, also born in Bristol. Boneshaker, OFF LIFE, Cereal and Paper Publication for example.

So, as we are a friendly bunch of mags, we decided to support each other and help spread the word and the love of print. And so, BIP – Bristol Independent Publishers was created. A collective of independent publications with an aim to share their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm and to continue learning about, understanding and promoting independent print. Because it’s a beautiful thing and freedom of speech and creativity is a marvellous part of all of our lives and something that help form opinions, debates, ideas and that bubble of excitement we all love. We’re not trying to sell you something in our mags, we are simply saying ‘hey, we found this and we think it’s pretty cool, we thought we’d talk about it here – what do you think?’ We are your friends.

This Friday will be BIP’s launch at Roll for the Soul, so come along. It’s free and runs from 6-10pm. Cone and have a drink, mingle and enjoy some printed paper goodness.


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