Martha Tilston: Live Review

I couldn’t tell you why I don’t like the font, Helvetica. I just don’t. I also dislike the word ‘vat’, escalators, revolving doors and also, I need time alone in my life. Really alone. I love it, always have, always will (I imagine that would be said in a Texan accent- True Romance?). Ever since the ‘wildness’ of youth, sitting behind diamond detailed, suburban windows, I’ve deemed alone time, my most precious. For this enforced solitary time, there can be a soundtrack. Many times it has, and continues to be, the mellow, comforting tones of Martha Tilston.

Martha Tilston dislikes banks, offices and anything that takes her away from what she loves. She loves music, her family – including her rounded bellied, pregnant new member; peaceful and cocooned in the notes she plays. It’s her heart. That’s where she plays everything from. Strike a light! A cliche! Mai oui! But it’s as true as my dinner is quiche with purple sprouting broccoli. From the garden, no less.

Last night, we sat on the floor in silence, with the sounds of Martha Tilston wrapping us up with lullabies, stories and truths we already knew. In our hearts of hearts. She was so happy, it radiated from her and was catching, as if the joy of spring’s early blossom was being blown upon us. Love.

Song after song, we were treated to the thinkings of the girl from suburbia. Now nestled in the rotundly gorgeous world of Cornwall, Martha is concentrating on the things that make her tick, contented, but conscientious. Between songs, she was chatty, relaxed and friendly. Her cover of Portishead’s Glory Box was a delight – the strings replicated with vocals from her and the participating audience. Artificial – running from the world of offices, was as refreshing as its sentiment is and Seagull was and is, a beauty.

For those that share a love of music, life and celebrating that spark inside us all. That thing that makes each of us unique. Glowing, wonderful and beautiful – are those powerful little words that go with Martha’s live show. A wide open space, with flowers and the ocean as its border.

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