Cheese Melt

After a weekend spent with old friends, on Monday (Bank Hol’s) it was just myself and Charlie. Apparently pregnancy is exhausting, and after a packed week and weekend, all I could do was eat pancakes in a bright cafe and go for a walk. On said walk, we stumbled across Ghostpoet playing in Rise, Bristol. I hadn’t realised he was playing and was perusing World Cinema DVDS (I plumped for Deep Blue Sea and Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges – cry), when I heard some familiar notes. So we scooted downstairs to the packed ground floor and, you know when I say it was just sort of what was needed before I embarked on an enormous, extensive ‘lie down’? That! Just a snippet, just excellent.

I have ranted about Ghostpoet in the past, issue one too, I believe. Here’s a nice song – I like the fact he said he was going to call it a cheese melt. An ultimate. Love and cheese x

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