Holiday music – Maria Taylor


Recently we went on our first family holiday with Alba. Our previous one in this country had been to Cornwall in January when I had terrible morning/day long sickness and oddly, we had made the decision to take the cats to our mini cottage. Anyway, suffice to say, I spent the whole time standing by the sea, eating bread, reading Daphne du Maurier and in the bath – C surfed with his free pass or whatever. While this time last year, we joked, we had been in New York – and now we were going down the road to Hay on Wye. But hey, this was better, we had Alba and we can bolt off to Cali. sometime with the sprig. Everything becomes an adventure when you have a kid. See below. (Also, absolutely love HoW – gorgeous place)


I digress (completely), so holidays I find always tend to have a soundtrack. Faithless/Italy/90s, Van Morrison/France/2008 etc. This time, our soundtrack came in the harmonious shape of Maria Taylor‘s new album Something About Knowing. All high notes (baba likes), lullabies and an American/Alabama twang. Taylor has played with Bright Eyes, Moby and such, but she certainly stands well on her own. Nothing rocketing, but more of a gentle bubble bath, a sweet background to an afternoon g and t looking over the horizon, to apple stewing and hand painting (above, again) – yes, all our examples. Favourites include Tunnel Vision which has a drumming beat and power vocals running through it, while Broken Objects is peaceful and beautiful.


This album feels like a relationship – one that’s been on a journey and a very happy one. Here’s Folk Song Melody. Maria Taylor‘s album is out now.


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