Rozi Plain: Actually (from the album, Friend)


For sitting and swaying on the bed with your laptop and the cat by your side, or cooking with wooden spoons (TItK) sat on a wooden pub floor (upturned crate). Sometimes standing for a little dance, because why not. Stomping those feet. Rozi grew up in Winchester and popped to Bristol where she studied art and met Rachael Dadd and Kate Stables (also, big fans of these two). Now she resides in the city of London. Quite the liberating one, with mellow, gentle tones and a fluid sound. Her voice is sweet in an honest way, she’s a friend, a pal and she’ll make you want to sing. Failing that, Rozi will just make every part of you sing a little bit. Which can only be a good thing, right? Her new album is out now and she deserves the success that will hopefully come her way. But the hay bales stay – her foundations lie in intimate gigs and harmony through reality.

Actually is from Rozi’s forthcoming album, Friend.

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