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Five things we love

I don’t know what it is, but I have been drawn to pastel pinks, deep and light blues and rich purples recently. Also: GOLD! (If you have ordered a copy of Lionheart recently, you will see they now arrive in gold envelopes!). The combination can be seen in design, interiors, nature… issue six… Love it! […]

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Kate’s Spark moment

There’s something special about a fresh sheet of paper and nice pen. Kate Matsudaira’s hunt for the perfect notebook led her to create her own. As she smashed her Kickstarter goal, it was clear she’d struck a nerve: paper will always have a place in the world of digital. By Kate Matsudaira When it comes […]

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Launch at The Forge

On April 23rd Lionheart Magazine launched at the magnificent, The Forge. Down a small cobbled street in the arts quarter of Bristol, the beautiful industrial warehouse style building has such a fresh, clean and impressive aesthetic. A place to really breathe and relax, which inevitably means an equally perfect place to meet, enthuse, learn and […]

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Five links we love #4

“To land somewhere unfamiliar is to force yourself into alertness, to redraw whatever maps you have, to set the stage for creativity more than mere pattern-matching productivity. I sometimes think I love the gentle, kneeling left turn planes make after rising from the Kennedy runway more than I love New York itself.” *** Air head, […]

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Chinatown Pretty

The incense smoke from Tin How temple in San Francisco’s Chinatown can be seen all the way down on the street, reassuring you this is indeed the right place. The sign above the door is tiny and the stairway behind it plain, doing little to reassure you that you’re not walking into someone’s house. But […]

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A new lion or a lioness

It was a warm morning in Portugal. We were on a last minute holiday and had lucked out with a bargain palace via Airbnb. He was in the shower, singing behind a shower curtain when the two lines quickly appeared like bold little rockets declaring their definite existence. “Hola, kid.” Last time it took ages […]

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Five links we love #3

“San Francisco is a single room in the front of an apartment where bay windows overlook the steep slope of the second-to-last block of Green Street. It’s a room where a boy seven years older than I am hasn’t finished moving in yet – or so he claimed, and I believed him then. It’s a […]

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Sundays in a hotel lobby

My best friend K and I used to go to cafes around noon on Sundays, but it wasn’t really working. I mean, the company was fine – excellent, even. But is there anything worse than meeting someone around lunchtime in a place that doesn’t serve food? Cafes have cake stuff of course, but a muffin […]

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